The NorDig group represents broadcasters and network operators in the Nordic countries and Ireland. The members have agreed on common minimum decoder requirements and a migration plan towards the use of decoders that satisfy these requirements. Networks that depend on access-controlled services will have additional minimum requirements, relating to the relevant CA system and possibly other features.

The various members of NorDig are independent of each other, but intend to transmit to IRDs that satisfy the specified common requirements. They do furthermore intend to facilitate decoders that comply with the NorDig minimum requirements and the additional network specific requirements (as relevant),  can be used in the Nordic networks and Ireland.

Test procedures and test plan are established in order to ensure that decoders can be used in the various networks of the NorDig members, and to substantiate that the Common NorDig requirements and the relevant network requirements are met.

The Verification Test Process for the NorDig minimum requirements is managed by the operators in relevant networks.

Go to specifications  for download test specifications.



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