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NorDig releases SSU addendum and Self-test declaration to NorDig Test Plan

NorDig releases SSU Addendum to NorDig Unified Test Plan v. 2.6.0 and SSU Self-test declaration.

Addendum NorDig Test Plan Tack 11 – SSU Testing, replaces the complete Task 11, The System Software Update within the NorDig Test Plan ver. 2.6.0.
Self-test declaration is an IRD manufacture self-declaration for NorDig Test cases: OTN SSU and USB SSU.

Download the specifications:
NorDig Unified Test Plan ver. 2.6.0 Addendum SSU testing v1.0 (pdf)
NorDig Unified Test Plan ver. 3.1 self declaration SSU (pdf)


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