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NorDig Rules of Operation (RoO) version 3.1.1 to be release in autumn 2020.

NorDig are preparing an update of the NorDig Rules of Operation (RoO) to version 3.1.1 and the plan is to release in autumn 2020. The updated version will then be in line with NorDig Unified IRD specification v. 3.1.1 and NorDig Test plan v. 3.1.1.

The work with updating the current RoO specification has been underway in NorDig over a long period,  the current NorDig RoO specification v. 2.5 is from 2016 why it is a major update to bring it in line with the current NorDig Unified IRD specification v. 3.1.1 and NorDig Test plan v. 3.1.1 where some of the big changes are (NGA) Audio and HEVC video.

The NorDig RoO specifies basic guidelines and rules for digital TV transmission for the broadcasters and operators, while NorDig IRD and Test Plan specification specifies basic implementation requirements for consumer digital TV receivers for the IRD (TV set and STB) manufactures. All NorDig specifications are based upon DVB and HbbTV specifications.

To make the RoO specification more user friendly, the specification will also be redesigned to match the NorDig Unified IRD specification.

NorDig is planning that in the future, the three specifications will be updated as far as possible in parallel.

For more information or interest to participate in work with the new RoO please contact:
Jesper Ringgaard Kjeldsen, Chairman NorDig Executive Committee, e-mail: JEKJ, Per Tullstedt, Chairman NorDig Technical Committee, e-mail: per.tullstedt, Peter Mølsted, stand-in chairing NorDig RoO subgroup, e-mail: peter

NorDig is specifying a common platform for Digital Television to be used within the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) and Éire. NorDig is an open specification free to use.


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