NorDig release IRD 3.2, Test Plan 3.2 and RoO 3.2 Specifications

NorDig releases a package of new and aligned updated specifications; NorDig IRD Specification ver. 3.2, NorDig Unified Test Plan ver. 3.2 and NorDig Rules of Operation ver. 3.2 (May 2022)

The updates in the NorDig specifications version 3.2 compared to previous version 3.1.2 are mainly within the NorDig RoO, while the NorDig IRD and Test Plan only includes minor updates.

NorDig Unified Requirements (IRD Specification) main updates:
Reference list, Multi languages in EIT, Audio Preselection Descriptor, SCART and PAL support removed, RCA requirements changed from shall to should.

NorDig Rules of Operation (RoO) main updates:
Reference list, Modulation, Services Information, SCART and PAL requirements removed, Broadcast distribution network.

NorDig Unified Test Plan main updates:
Reference list, SCART and PAL requirements removed.

Download NorDig IRD specification:
Download NorDig RoO specification:
Download NorDig Test specification:

The NorDig specifications cover four areas:

  1. NorDig Unified Requirements, specifications for IRD (Integrated Receiver Decoders which includes STBs, PVRs and relevant parts of integrated digital TV-sets), NorDig IRD specifications are established with the aim to ensure that IRDs in the Nordic and Irish market satisfy a common set of minimum requirements, independent of operator/service provider and transmission media.
  2. NorDig Test Plan, specification for how to verify implementation in NorDig Integrated Receiver Decoders. Common test specifications are established to ensure that decoders comply with the common minimum requirements. Additional test specifications may apply for individual networks, especially networks with access-controlled transmissions.
  3. NorDig Rules of Operation (RoO) provides requirements on the configuration of transmission parameters, including the related standards, to design transmissions of content interoperable with NorDig IRD. The Rules of Operation may also be used as a guideline by IRD manufacturers to understand how NorDig Broadcasters construct compliant transmissions.
  4. NorDig Metadata Exchange format specification – specifies a NorDig standard for EPG/Event metadata exchange format for B2B exchange of metadata between broadcasters / content provider, network operators and other stakeholder in the distribution chain based on TV-Anytime.

All specifications are based on DVB and the minimum performance sets that are specified for NorDig compliant networks. The use of the NorDig specifications is described in “About NorDig” at

For more information or interest to participate in NorDig work please contact:

  • Per Björkman, Chairman of NorDig Executive Committee, e-mail: per.bjorkman
  • Per Tullstedt, Chairman of NorDig Technical Committee, e-mail: per.tullstedt
  • Peter Mølsted, Technical consulting, e-mail: peter

NorDig is specifying a common platform for Digital Television to be used within the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) and Éire.
NorDig is an open specification free to use.


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